Info: Our Company

Lisa TeviaClark & James Clark founded Bella Vista Tile in 2004, bringing museum quality work to the world of Art Tile. Lisa is the artistic director, responsible for tile and mosaic design, glaze development, as well as a tile maker. Jim is the office manager and is responsible for tile production, mosaic fabrication, web and print design. 

Our Tile & Mosaics

Bella Vista Tile is made with the finest high-fired porcelain and is suitable for interior and exterior installations. Jim & Lisa produce an imaginative collection of durable, decorative  tile: dots, decos, pencils, listelli, fillets, chair rails and ornamental field tile.  Bella Vista Tile has a romantic, lyrical feeling enhanced by glazes reminiscent of jewels, aged metal and ivory.

In 2006 Lisa began to create original mosaics using Bella Vista Tile elements with semi-precious stone, common stone and cultured pearls. Our Mosaics and Ornamental Designs embody design ideas that can be adapted and scaled for feature walls and focal areas in a kitchen back splash, shower or fireplace surround, or in public & commercial gathering spaces. Lisa and James work together to fabricate mosaics on cement board or on reinforced fiberglass mesh for installation. They work with an awareness and attention to detail that facilitates the installation process. 

Our Process, Our Product

The essential nature of handmade tile is defined through the dynamic connection of the artist with their materials. Step by step, choices the artist makes relating to aesthetics, design, clay and glaze materials, forming methods, glaze development & application techniques, firing methods and the ultimate temperature reached all have an impact. Understanding and exercising these creative choices is at the heart of Bella Vista Tile.

We use high-fired porcelains for the body of the tile. Porcelain captures intricate detail in bas-relief designs. Since Bella Vista Tile is nearly impervious, with an absorption rate of less than 1%, it’s a fine choice for use indoors or outside. Because the tile is made entirely by hand, the size, shape, thickness and flatness will vary; giving cadence to the final installation. Unrefined materials are used in the glazes, and extraordinary color effects are created at high temperatures. Color variation and crazing are intentional, they add interest and value to the tile installation.

Installing Bella Vista Tile

  • Find a skilled tile installer familiar with installing handmade tile.
  • Due to variations in thickness, the tile should be back-buttered or shimmed to level it with surrounding field tile or stone.
  • Installation procedures should conform to Tile Council of North America’s ‘Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation’.
  • The tile can be masked before grouting to prevent fine bas-relief detail from being filled. Any grout residue should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaning material such as muriatic acid.
  • Use only mild products to remove grout haze.
  • Seal the tile, stone & grout to protect the surface and make maintenance easier. Sealers should be tested as they may alter the appearance of the tile. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Video! Bella Vista Tile: Original Mosaics

A short video of us working in the studio.