Ethereal Ramble: Handmade Tile Mosaic

Photo of Ethereal Ramble Handmade Tile Mosaic Ethereal Ramble is an original mosaic composed of handmade tile. Lisa TeviaClark, in collaboration with James Clark create one-of-a-kind mosaics. They made tile in six glazes for this mosaic. (Luna, Smoke Whisper Wash, Smoke Wash, Carbon Wash, Silver Ginger & Kalamata)  This mosaic is 24 inches high x 36 inches wide.

Ethereal Ramble will be installed in a kitchen surrounded by light grey field tile with a crackled glaze.
This Ramble possesses a strong symmetry and a modern flair to generate a complex harmony.

Bella Vista Tile is made with the finest high-fired porcelain so it is suitable for interior and exterior installations. 
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James and Lisa produce an imaginative collection of decorative yet functional handmade tile. The collection includes dots, decos, pencils, listelli, trims, fillets, chair rails and ornamental field tile.
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Lisa designs and creates original mosaics using Bella Vista Tile. She uses semi-precious stone, common stone and cultured pearls with her handmade tile in many of her mosaics. These mosaics embody design ideas that can be adapted and scaled for feature walls and focal points. Mosaics create interest in a kitchen backsplash, bath, shower, or fireplace surround. Lisa and James’ work process frees them from size limitations, this allows creation of mosaics for public and commercial installations.

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