Worlds of Wonder

As a collection, Worlds of Wonder form a mosaic montage.
Each is an exploration, a celebration of the world we live in,
a reflection of worlds inside- where dreams and memory reside.

Gifts of the Bee, 25h x 25w

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The seeds of these mosaics have been inside me for a long time.
We made a space to make them real. In the beginning I drew and carved images in porcelain clay.
Closing my eyes at night became a gateway to visions of new worlds.
Creating this work has been a journey and an adventure.

Beneath the Waves, 19h x 19w


The Wave, 19h x 13w


Sea Garden, 17h x 21w


Under the Sea, 21h x 21w


Luminous Life, 16h x 16w


Day at the Shore, 14h x 14w


Sailor’s Delight, 14h x 14w


J. & E. Riggin, 19h x 19w


Island Deer, 21h x 17w


Beyond the Stone Path, 25h x 28w


Sunlight & Berries, 25h x 28w


Armonía, 25h x 28w